Warm Up Your Body on Cold Winter Days with Japanese Teas

Warm Up Your Body on Cold Winter Days with Japanese Teas

The weather now in Japan is very cold and more heavy snowfall is forecast for regions along the Sea of Japan coast.
Warm beverages become indispensable.
In such times, Japanese tea is undoubtedly a comforting choice that can warm both the heart and body.


A tea blend with roasted brown rice mixed in with the tea leaves, exudes a cozy flavor that spreads warmth, leaving you feeling snug and content.


It is also recommended for chilly weather.
The roasted tea leaves carry a savory aroma that perfectly suits a cold winter day.
Pour it into a warm cup and savor a leisurely time.

Wakocha Black Tea

Black tea not only warms you up but offers a variety of flavors to enjoy.


With its unique taste, it has a calming effect on the mind, providing a sense of relaxation.

On cold winter days, do try these warm Japanese teas.
The pleasant aromas and warmth are sure to alleviate the chill, creating a cozy experience for you.

Recipe of a Warm Harmony of Honey & Japanese Tea

・Japanese Tea (Your Preferred Tea e.g. Genmaicha, Hojicha, Matcha, etc.)

・Prepare your chosen Japanese tea in the appropriate quantity.
・Adjust the amount of tea leaves or tea bags based on your desired strength.
・Boil water and pour it over the prepared Japanese tea. 
・Brewing at the suitable temperature for each type of tea enhances the aroma and flavor.
・Add honey.
・Mix well and adjust to your liking.
✓You can customize the flavor and sweetness of the tea by adjusting the amount of honey and the mixing ratio.

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