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We are YAMASAN Co., Ltd. in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Uji where the hub of Japanese traditional tea culture is. We are always selective about “Taste,” “Quality,” and “Safety” and provide the finest products to our customers. Our mission is to bring authentic Japanese Green Tea to everyone worldwide. In addition, we hope to contribute to promoting both the mental and physical health of our customers by having Japanese Green Tea in daily life.

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Our subscription box provides you with various taste experiences of Japanese tea as we have selected the finest tea from our top selection of organic green tea, world-class authentic matcha green tea, and much more. Each kind of green tea has its varieties from different famous tea production regions in Japan.
Each subscription box includes two bags of tea from our top selection.

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Japanese Tea

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We love the spirit of ‘Ichigo Ichie’

Every single moment is always a once-in-a-lifetime experience

We provide all-natural and authentic Japanese green tea to the world through a tea subscription box as we hope all people can enjoy a fulfilling life by living with Japanese green tea every day. With the proven health benefits of Japanese green tea, it is suitable for both mental and physical health. As for our philosophy of 'Ichigo Ichie,' we cherish every moment with all of you and provide you with the best hospitality. We hope you and your beloved ones enjoy a blissful moment together with our Yamasan's Green Tea Selections.

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