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We are YAMASAN Co., Ltd. in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Uji, where the hub of Japanese traditional tea culture is. We are always selective about “Taste”, “Quality” and “Safety” and provide the finest products to our customers. Our mission is to bring authentic Japanese Green Tea to everyone around the world. We hope to contribute to the promotion of both mental and physical health of our customers by having Japanese Green Tea in daily life. We would like to provide our best support to you and your business.

We provide wholesale service of Japanese Matcha, Japanese Loose Leaf Green Tea and other premium Japanese products. Our Matcha and Green Teas are especially popular among our business partners and have been shipped to more than 30 countries worldwide.  We also offer personalized support to your business through our private label service.   For further details, submit an inquiry below.

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     Indulge in the purest essence of Japan with our carefully selected tea plantations from different regions. Our passion for tea drives us to source only the finest quality tea leaves, ensuring a delicate balance of flavor and aroma in every sip. From the lush green tea fields of Kyoto to the stunning hillsides of Shizuoka, our teas offer a tantalizing journey through Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Savor the freshness and natural goodness of our teas, and experience the art of tea-making at its finest.  

    High quality manufacturing process of green tea involves carefully hand-picked tea leaves, withering, heating, rolling, and drying using specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the tea retains its natural flavor and nutritional benefits. The process is strictly controlled to ensure that the tea is free from any harmful chemicals or additives, making it a pure and healthy choice. With every sip of this premium green tea, you’ll experience the refreshing taste, soothing aroma, and invigorating benefits that only come from the finest quality tea leaves, grown and processed with care and precision. 

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