Sip into Bliss With Flavor Matcha From Japan

Sip into Bliss With Flavor Matcha From Japan

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Autumn Leaves in Uji

The temperature has turned quite cold in Japan recently but we can find various stunning fall colors in Japan as it is at the peak of fall foliage in Kyoto or other areas in Japan. 

Hot Matcha: Nature’s Blanket for Your Soul

In the heart of cold weather, a cup of hot matcha becomes more than just a beverage. It’s a ritual that wraps you in a warm embrace. We have recently launched two new matcha products – VANILLA FLAVOR MATCHA and CHOCOLATE FLAVOR MATCHA. These two flavors definitely become one of your beverage choices.

We carefully selected Yabukita, which is a representative tea variety and one of the most beloved teas in Japan. We blended the matcha with vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor and It has a sweet and creamy aroma with a vibrant green color, well-balanced sweetness and astringency. 

Not just a hot beverage, VANILLA MATCHA and CHOCOLATE MATCHA can also be used for making desserts and baked sweets. Check out some of our recommended health recipes below!

New retail flavor matcha products are online!

We also have wholesale packaging for both two flavor matcha too! 

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