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The closing ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 wrapped up last Sunday. Did you enjoy watching the games? Which part of games do you feel most unforgettable ? 

In Japan, the temperature is extremely hot every day and it is very easy to get heat stroke during the summer season. To prevent heat stroke, hydrating with water is very essential. Beside water, we also have another standard drink in the hot summer which is Mugicha Barley Tea which can help moisturize the dry throat. 

The main ingredient of mugicha is barley. In fact, mugicha barley tea has a traditional history. and it was introduced to Japan at the end of the Jomon period. There is a record that barley was roasted and powdered, dissolved in hot water and drunk by people in the Heian period. This is said to be the origin of barley tea. It is said that the warlords of the Sengoku period also liked to drink.

In the Edo period, sencha was expensive and not yet widely used, so cheap barley tea was popular as a drink for the common people under the name of “Barley Tea”. Later on, people start to enjoy their lives during the mid-Edo period. They will visit the shrines and temples, enjoy the fair. On the way back, they will take a break with tea and sweets at the teahouse. It seems that barley tea is also being served at the teahouse. Also, it is said that there was a shop open during evening time with a lantern with the words “Barley Tea” appeared. It was crowded with customers who sat on the pedestal and came in for a cool breeze with a barley tea when it was hot. 

Mugicha Barley Tea has various benefits and helps detoxify our body. It contains a substance called pyrazineIt that prevents blood coagulation and helps in improving circulation. The high fiber content of barley tea makes you feel full longer so the urge to snack will decrease and consume less calories. Barley Tea also contains antioxidants and it can help boost metabolism and help promote weight loss.

Don’t forget to keep hydrating with water or tea in the hot summer season. We hope all of you enjoy 

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