Indulging in Warm Japanese Tea & Mooncakes During Mid-Autumn Festival

Indulging in Warm Japanese Tea & Mooncakes During Mid-Autumn Festival

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It was the Autumn Equinox Day on 23rd Sept in Japan. It’s a day when Japanese people pay homage to the changing of seasons and the balance between day and night. Families often visit the graves of their ancestors, clean tombstones, and offer food and flowers as a sign of respect. It’s a time for reflection and gratitude for the bountiful harvest season. Finally, the summer heat is starting to ease and we can begin to sense the arrival of autumn.

Autumn in Japan is a breathtaking spectacle as the landscape transforms into a sea of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Maple trees (“Momiji”) and ginkgo trees (“Icho”) are particularly famous for their stunning autumn foliage. Many people take leisurely strolls through parks and gardens to admire the beauty of the season, a practice known as “紅葉狩り” (Koyo-gari) or “autumn leaf hunting.”

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming tomorrow. In Japan, it is known as “中秋の名月” (Chushu no Meigetsu) which means “Mid-Autumn Moon.” Fall is considered one of the best times to enjoy Japanese tea. The cool, crisp air enhances the tea-drinking experience, and the serene surroundings of autumn create an ideal atmosphere for meditation and reflection. When enjoying mooncakes, don’t forget to prepare some Japanese tea like Matcha, Sencha, Hojicha, etc. They all perfectly go well with mooncakes.

Yamasan Cafe Reopened After Renovation

Our cafe has been reopened this month after the renovation. You can find various kinds of organic green tea products, matcha snack souvenirs, and some delicious Japanese cuisine at our cafe. We are waiting for you to come and visit Uji, Kyoto, Japan!

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Have a Great Day and a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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