Feel The Blissful Green Tea Moment

Feel The Blissful Green Tea Moment

Uji has long been famous as a tea-producing region. There are some proverbs about Japanese green tea such as “Don’t break up with morning tea”, “Morning tea will increase your fortune” and “Morning tea is the escape of the day”.

Matcha is a high grade ground powder of green tea leaves and it is a traditional Japanese beverage. Chanoyu(茶の湯) is a traditional behavior for enjoying green tea since the late 16th century. Later on it officially became a ceremony of the Edo Shogunate and an essential part among the Japanese samurai. Nowadays, matcha is also used as an ingredient of confectionery or other beverages too.

Matcha contains rich nutritious components from the entire tea leaves. It has a high level of cathein, high in antioxidants which said to be have many health benefits such as help prevent diseases, help losing weight and broost the brain function, etc.

There are two different grades of Japanese matcha green tea which includes Ceremonial grade and Culinary grade.


Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality matcha from the most carefully cultivated buds and leaves. No sweeteners or additives so you can really enjoy the original and natural flavor of green tea.


On the other hand, Culinary grade matcha is a great choice to mix with milk/ plant-based milk for lattes or spirits for cocktails. And it is affordable to use as a cooking ingredient.


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