The Beginning of Summer

The Beginning of Summer

Rikka(立夏) is one of 24 divisions of the solar year which means the beginning of summer. 5th May was the day of Rikka in 2021. From the day of Rikka, we can start feeling the signs of summer since this day. During May, it is the time to enjoy the new tea from the 1st harvest of the year. New tea is said to be a sign of good luck and people drink the tea with the wish of longevity and good health. The new tea is rich in nutrients after the harsh winter season.

The days is getting hotter from now and the best season to enjoy Cold Brew Tea is coming! Cold brewing is a process that the tea leaves are steeped in cold water and refrigerated overnight. Compare with hot-brewing method, the tea leaves steeped in cold water will release less catechins and tannins. Less tannins makes the tea tastes naturally sweet and mild and it is easily to drink. Japanese green tea is ideal for cold brewing. Here’s two recommendations for cold brew tea↓

① Organic Sencha Green Tea

② Organic Fukamushi Green Tea

Let’s try make the cold brew tea at home and share your tea with us on Instagram (yamasan_oversea_division) or Facebook (Chaganju Cafe).

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