September has come!

September has come!

Hi everyone!

It’s September already. The old name of September in Japanese is called “Nagatsuki” (長月).  In the daytime, the temperature rises and the hot days continue. However, the temperature may change suddenly and you may feel cool or cold in the morning and evening time. Such temperature differences can cause disorders of our autonomic nerves. It may cause fatigue, tiredness, headaches and allergic symptoms. 

In September, there are some representative autumn flowers in Japan such as Higanbana, Cosmos, etc.

Higanbana (Red Spider Lily) has a vibrant red color, it blooms at the time of the autumnal equinox in late September, so when you see them blooming, you will know that autumn is near.

Besides Higanbana, another flower that reminds us of autumn is Cosmos. Fall is the season to enjoy the scenery of Cosmos. It has a nickname called Akizakura which means Autumn Cherry Blossoms(秋桜). In the language of flowers, cosmos is the symbol of love and innocence. Other meanings include beauty, balance, joy, etc.

As the temperature difference will be quite different between the period between summer and autumn, we need to take good care of our body. You may still feel hot in the daytime. Try drinking some green tea that can make you feel relaxed as green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in the world.  Green tea contains many plant bioactive compounds and it offers abundant health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants which help improve overall health. Besides, Vitamin C contained in sencha loose leaf tea is enough to supplement about half of the daily intake required. 

Recently, we made some lemon sencha green tea for a refreshing moment at the office. Cold brew sencha green tea with lemon is a great choice while you can also make a hot brew sencha with lemon and adding some honey. By adding different ingredients into green tea, you can create a unique flavor for your own choice of beverages.

Sencha green tea is one of our popular products and we have launched this green tea to Amazon Germany recently.


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