Japanese Ancient Superfood

Japanese Ancient Superfood

Hello everyone! How was your day ?

Rainy season started recently in Japan and has been raining all day☔
(A bit rainy blue) 

Does anyone know Japanese Kombu ? Does anyone like eating kombu ?

Kombu seaweed has been a superfood since ancient Japan. Using traditional manufacturing methods and carefully blended with natural kombu kelp from Hokkaido without using chemical seasoning. Kombu is packed with the fresh and mild taste from the ocean in Japan.

Simply mix the salted kombu or tororo kombu in various dishes. Easy to make combinations with different fresh foods. Kombu seaweed makes your dish more delicious and will increase your appetite too.

✅ Recommended for people who have high awareness to health or ingredients, people who are conscious of health and diet, helps to maintain good health like improving intestinal environment, enhances the strength of blood vessels, etc. ingredients, food quality.

We have launched two new kombu products♪

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★Shio Kombu (Salted Kelp)


★Tororo Kombu (Seaweed Flakes) 


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