Quality Time with Matcha Green Tea

Quality Time with Matcha Green Tea

In Japan, the cold days continue.
I went to a large park to have a small picnic with my lovely colleagues recently.
We sat near a large pond and we could see the waterflow and be surprised when nutria popped up.

We have prepared some foods like Chestnut Bread, Veggie Quiche and Carrot Soup.
While talking, we also enjoy seeing the waterflow and the surrounding scenery of the pond.
A nutria suddenly popped up, like it was listening to our conversation. It was so cute.

After enjoying delicious food, we also had a blissful time making matcha in a natural environment.
Fresh air, natural environment and matcha green tea, totally a good combination to enjoy green tea.
Normally, matcha goes well with Japanese Wagashi Sweets.
But this time, we paired some yummy cookies with organic matcha green tea.
It was really delicious. Please try it !

On the other day, we also went to a nice place near the sea for a short camping trip.
Listen to the sound of wind and seawave, watch the flow of seawave and make matcha green tea.
What a wonderful day with a relaxing natural environment!

Please ENJOY MATCHA CASUALLY at your favorite place!

Green Tea leaves contain various nutrients as follows.
Unlike green tea, matcha ingests whole tea leaves, so you can get nutrition efficiently.

【Efficacy of Matcha Green Tea】
Theanine: Antioxidant / Obesity Prevention
Catechin: Relaxing and antiviral
Caffeine: Awakening / Fat burning Effect
Dietary fiber: Constipation Improvement / Diet Effect
Vitamin C: Antioxidant / Cold Prevention
Vitamin E: Antioxidant and Anti-aging

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