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It’s already February!  

Today (February 4th) is Risshun(立春) which is the 1st of the 24 solar terms(二十四節気). It marks the end of winter and the beginning of Spring in the traditional Japanese calendar. 

While welcoming a new spring season, February 6th is “Matcha Day” in Japan! We can find Brazier(風炉) in traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and it Japanese pronunciation sounds like 2 and 6. So the Japanese Tea Ceremony Promotion Council in Japan named February 6th the Day of Matcha!

The current method of tea ceremony using the brazier is from May to October in the summer. However, using a brazier for tea ceremony in the past was the best form of a premium tea ceremony.

What is Matcha ?
Matcha is made from Tencha tea leaves and ground into fine powder by using a stone mill. The tea trees of Tencha are covered with reed screens to avoid direct sunlight, it makes the tea mild and has more umami without astringency. Matcha is a superfood that contains the whole nutritional components of green tea leaves and it has various health benefits to our body. We recommend using matcha for tea ceremony, daily matcha, making baked sweets, fresh sweets, ice cream and also latte menus. 

Cultivation of Matcha: 
Tea farmers use Oishitaen as the cultivation method of tencha tea leaves (The original form of matcha). Around April, after the first new shoots of tea leaves appear, the tea plantations will be completely shaded for about 20 days in order to shut out the direct sunlight. By blocking the sunlight, Catechin (Astringent Ingredient) is suppressed and lots of L-theanine (Umami Ingredient) is absorbed, the umami flavor profile is intensed. Shading the tea plants from direct sunlight imparts a sweet flavor to the tea too. Also, the better the tea, the more fertilizer is used and the taste will change. The color also grows lush (bright and dark green) by blocking the sunlight.

Quality of Our Green Tea:
The quality of tea leaves changes from year to year due to the climatic reasons, so our tea master will check the quality of the type of the tree every year and blend with a better ratio.

Actually we are going to have a matcha live streaming in a JAPAN EXPO event on Alibaba.com.

So, here are the details of live streaming!

Time: GMT+8 12:00

(For PC)

(For smart phone)

During the live streaming, we prepare some introduction about matcha and the attractive point will be a small matcha making section which is performed by Shiori who is one of the staff in Yamasan oversea division.

We would be grateful if you watch this live streaming and share it to others.

Our Top Selection of Ceremonial Grade Matcha:

We always deliver the fine quality of matcha green tea and hope all of you enjoy blissful moments with Japanese green tea in daily life!

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