🌸Sakura Cherry Blossom Season in Japan🌸

🌸Sakura Cherry Blossom Season in Japan🌸

It’s already April. Spring is here!

April marks the start of Japan’s fiscal year for both the government and many corporations. It is the season for entrance ceremonies. The sakura season in Japan has come. Sakura are blooming everywhere in Kyoto now. The most attractive event during the spring season is Hanami (Sakura cherry blossom viewing). Since we still cannot travel freely during the coronavirus pandemic, we would love to share some beautiful sakura pictures to all of you.

Besides Hanami, there are different events and products that can be enjoyed only in April. We have a spring tradition in Kyoto. It is called Miyako Odori (都をどり). It is a dance performance by a geisha and maiko from Gion Kobu, the largest flower town (花街) in Kyoto. It will be held for about one month from 1st April. The performance lasts one hour and features 8 scenes representing all of the seasons. The costumes, scenery and live music are simply fantastic, so even without understanding Japanese, patrons will find something of interest.

In this lovely spring season, we feel excited to have various kinds of sakura product. Recently, we have launched some new sakura products to our Amazon store. You can check them out.

🌸Sakura Mochi🌸


It is similar to traditional Japanese sweets, its chewy texture and moderate sweetness match the astringent taste of the tea, so if you enjoy them together, you will feel the Japanese moments.

🌸Sakura Black Tea🌸(Loose Leaf Type/ Tea Bags Type)


We carefully selected the edible sakura leaves from Shizuoka. Blending the edible sakura leaves and pickled sakura leaves with Japanese black tea, gives it a natural and floral scent and fruity flavor of black tea.

We also have other Sakura products too🌸


We always deliver the fine quality of Japanese products and hope all of you enjoy blissful moments with Japanese products in daily life!

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