Hearty Japanese Soup Warm You Up

Hearty Japanese Soup Warm You Up

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The season of autumn leaves in Kyoto has come to the peak in the past weeks. There are many famous spots of autumn leaves in Kyoto and it is good to see many tourists from overseas visiting Japan like normal.

The last month of the year has come!

December has come and this is the month of Shiwasu(師走) in Japan. It means running around and the busiest month of the year! The temperature in Japan become colder as the day of minor snow (小雪), the 20th solar term of the year, began on 22nd Nov and ends on 6th Dec. And the day of major snow (大雪), the 21st solar term of the year, it will be on 7th Dec. During the winter season, a hot bowl of soup is a great way to warm you right up. Hot soup warms our body and gives us a core warmth to spread to every part of the body. In Japan, we usually use seasonal veggies and ingredients and dashi soup stock to make various recipes of miso soup.

Japanese Miso

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients. The taste, aroma, texture and appearance of miso all vary by region and season. Other important variables that contribute to the flavor of a particular miso include temperature, duration of fermentation, salt content, variety of kōji, and fermenting vessel. There are different types of miso including:

  • Soybean Miso (豆味噌)

It is made by fermenting soybeans, salt and soybean koji. It has a unique rich umami and a blackish-brown color.

  • Rice Miso(米味噌)

It is made by fermenting soybeans, salt and rice koji. It is the majority type of the production of miso in Japan.

  • Barley Miso (麦味噌)

It is made by fermenting soybeans, salt and barley koji. It is characterized by its dark color, unique aroma and umami.

  • Mixed Miso(合わせ味噌)

It is a mixture of two or more types of miso or miso made with two or more types of koji.

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Rice Miso

Black Bean Awase Miso

White Miso

Barley Awase Miso

Awase Miso

Gozen Miso

Miso Furikake

Miso Sesame Oil with Sichuan Pepper

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