Get Refresh with Miso and Veggie!

Hi everyone!

The temperature in Japan is getting warm and all the vegetation is getting brighter in this season, time to let our body get refreshed by having a balanced veggie life.  

Anyone love eating veggie dip ? 

What kind of sauce do you like the most ?

Have you tried using miso for veggie dip before?

We have launched new miso products on Amazon recently and one of my recommendations is Yuzu Miso Paste. It is blended with natural Japanese Yuzu. It has a refreshing aroma and  enhances your appetite. This miso also enhances the freshness of vegetables and meat, making the dishes full of umami flavors. Great choice as vegetable dip sauce for appetizer or snacks. We also recommend using this for some oven-baked recipes like oven-baked glazed salmon or chicken, baked potato with miso. Stay tuned on our next update!

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