Japanese Sakura Mochi Candies




✅Japan is famous for its Japanese Candy sakura cherry blossom and loved by everyone in Japan or even the tourists all over the world. We love to enjoy Hanami during the spring season and it has been a part of traditional [Japanese Candy] Japanese culture since the past.

✅Japanese Candy Sakura mochi candies has a kawaii pink color, chewy mochi-like texture and simple moderate sweetness, it remind us the arrival of spring, the beautiful scenery of sakura cherry blossoms in Japan.

✅With the mini pocket size, you can easily to carry Japanese Candy it with you, so you can get in the mood of Japanese spring anytime and anywhere. Enjoy a refreshing spring moment with Japanese Candy sakura mochi candies during breaks from school or work.

✅The Japanese Candy sakura mochi candies is similar to traditional Japanese sweets, it also goes well with Japanese Candy Japanese green tea and also matcha. The chewy texture and moderate sweetness match the astringent taste of the tea, so if you enjoy them together, you will feel more Japanese Candy Japanese culture.

✅Many mini Japanese Candy sakura mochi candies in one package, so you can share them with friends and family to enjoy a candy party or tea party. It is a good way to enjoy the Japanese Candy Japanese spring culture together.


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