Soy Sauce Double Brewed Vintage 1000 Days Aged, Made in Japan


This soy sauce is made with simple, additive-free ingredients and ages slowly in nature for two years to fully extract the umami of the ingredients. This is used when eating sashimi and sushi in Japan.



  1. Extraordinarily Rich Sauce -Generally speaking, the ingredients of authentic Koikuchi soy sauce are only soybean, wheat, salt, and water. Surprisingly, instead of the salt & water, using naturally brewed Koikuchi soy sauce, meaning that this premium soy sauce is naturally brewed TWICE with about DOUBLE amount of ingredients & DOUBLE amount of time and effort, making the umami distinctively multiplied. Just one drop of fried egg & baked bacon makes your everyday breakfast gorgeous.
  2. Why Authentic? -From the simplest ingredients with no additives. Naturally and slowly brewed for a total of more than1000 days, the umami of fine ingredients is fully brought out. Aging through a total of 12 seasons(3 years) in Japan, the flavor & aroma of our distinctive sauce gets deeper and richer. Taste the difference. Let your tongue explore the highly delicate balance of abundant flavors.
  3. Artisanal Slow Handmade -Our exclusive soy sauce cannot be made even by automatic cutting-edge machines. Making authentic soy sauce without any additives is like cultivating organic vegetables by natural, eco-friendly methods. The quality and flavor are directly affected by the climate & geography of the region. Our Japanese craftsmen who have mastered the traditional methods succeeded over 100 years take full care of the varying conditions of sauce with their honed five senses.
  4. Select Fine Ingredients -As for soybean & wheat(Both Non-GMO), every year our brewery carefully selects the best cultivating places in Japan and even cultivars, and delicately adjusts the blend ratio, depending on the year’s conditions. As for salt, they use 100% natural sun-dried sea salt. As for water, the brewery is blessed with natural, super soft water from the pure Ibo River.
  5. Historical TATSUNO Brand -From a small brewery in the Tatsuno region, which has over 400 years of brewing history. Blessed with an ideal climate for soy sauce brewing throughout the year, distinctive water from the pure river, and fine soybean & wheat in the locality, Tatsuno has been one of the three most prosperous places for soy sauce brewing in Japan.


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