Genmaicha Brown Rice Tea With Matcha


Genmaicha with matcha is a blend of roasted brown rice, sencha, and matcha.Genmaicha is recommended to be extracted with boiling water to bring out the fragrant aroma. Since caffeine is less than that of sencha, it is drunk by children and the elderly in a wide range of ages



  1. High standard of quality control: “We have made high-quality tea using safety ingredients.” “The long-established tea shop which has a history of 50 years makes this tea genmai-cha with a high standard of quality control. They have ISO9001 of international Standards for quality management systems.
  2. Genmaicha matcha blend: Green tea is made from tea leaves of good taste. Matcha, it has a beautiful color. It is delicious because of bringing the natural flavors out of the ingredients in them. It is easy to drink because of the aromatic roasted rice.
  3. Genmaicha tea loose leaf: Genmaicha tea consists of banchan(low-grade tea) and sencha mixed with high-temperature-roasted rice and other ingredients. The green tea flavor and fragrant aroma are popular among both adults and children.
  4. Green tea genmai-cha: A delicious roasted rice aroma. Because brown rice tea has less caffeine than general tea, there are people who are not good at caffeine.
  5. SATISFACTION – If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase of sencha green tea, please feel free to contact us by message. We will arrange a full refund for you.


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