Organic Japanese Green Tea Fukamushi Sencha


It is a variety of deep steamed green tea that is initially steamed for a longer time than usual. The deep steaming process reduces any raw grassy taste or astringency. This sencha green tea is based on the 1st harvest tea and blends with the 2nd harvest tea with a good bud. It has a deeply rich and smooth taste with mild umami notes and light astringency



  1. Sencha loose leaf tea: The most popular Japanese green tea worldwide. It represents about 80% of all tea produced in Japan. This sencha green tea is blended with first-harvest and second-harvest tea. There are no fixed varieties and the tea experts will carefully check the quality of tea leaves from year to year. Sencha green tea is lightly steamed which is often enjoyed by the Japanese as a refreshing beverage in daily life and is easy to brew to individual taste preferences.
  2. Fukamusi sencha: A normal tea needs to be steamed for 30-40 seconds, but This Fukamushi sencha green tea loose leaf (Deep steamed tea) is twice steamed. The Time is 60-80 seconds. By steaming longer, the bitterness is suppressed and the leaves become finer with a deep green color and a mild taste. Since it is easier to extract than a normal Sencha tea, it is also suited for a cold brew iced tea.
  3. HOT BREW & COLD BREW: Two most common ways to enjoy flavorful sencha green tea are hot brewing and cold brewing. The hot brewing method retains the health benefits of green tea leaves sencha and helps stay energized for the day while cold brew sencha green tea (Mizudashi Sencha) is considered to give a superior flavor and taste and is especially a refreshing drink during hot summer.
  4. HEALTH BENEFITS – Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in Japan. Sencha green tea contains many plant bioactive compounds and it offers abundant health benefits.
  5. SATISFACTION: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase of sencha green tea, please feel free to contact us by message. We will arrange a full refund to you.


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