Organic Green Tea leaves Sencha Bulk 500g


The far-infrared roasting method is used in the manufacturing process of this sencha green tea. This roasting method draws out the umami, brings out the original impactful aroma of tea, and creates a rich taste.



✅ORGANIC SENCHA GREEN TEA – Certified 100% organic by JONA & JAS. Our selection process is meticulous, choosing only the highest quality organic sencha green tea sourced from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. We proudly collaborate with local tea masters and have the privilege of working with a charming tea plantation that has been preserved by dedicated tea farmers for over 350 years, tracing back to the Genroku era.

✅SENCHA LOOSE LEAF TEA – Globally renowned as the most popular Japanese Sencha green tea, constituting approximately 80% of Japan’s tea production. Sencha green tea undergoes a gentle steaming process, making it a favored choice among the Japanese for its invigorating quality in daily consumption. Its adaptability to various brewing methods caters to individual taste preferences with ease.

✅EXPERTLY CURATED TEA SELECTION – Our team of tea connoisseurs diligently evaluates the quality of tea leaves, engaging in rigorous assessments year after year to identify the perfect leaves for crafting sencha green tea. With unparalleled precision, we meticulously handpick the finest tea leaves and skillfully blend them in precise ratios to create the ultimate sencha green tea experience. Our blend predominantly showcases the 1st harvest tea from Yabukita and Saemidori cultivars, guaranteeing

✅EXPERT MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUE – Our sencha green tea undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process utilizing the far-infrared roasting method. This technique adeptly accentuates the tea’s umami, unlocks its inherent captivating aroma, and results in a robust and flavorful taste, all contributing to the creation of the finest sencha green tea.

✅VERSATILE HOT & COLD BREWING – Revel in the diverse pleasures of flavorful sencha green tea through two classic approaches: hot brewing and cold brewing. The hot brewing method preserves the tea leaves’ health benefits, offering a revitalizing boost for the day. On the other hand, cold brew sencha green tea (known as Mizudashi Sencha) unveils an unparalleled flavor and refreshment, making it an ideal choice, particularly during scorching summers.


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