Organic Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea




  • Naturally grown Japanese organic green tea with 100% Japanese organic JAS certification.
  • A normal tea needs to be steamed for 30-40 seconds, but “Deep steamed tea” needs the twice (60-80 seconds). By steaming longer, the bitterness is suppressed and the leaves become finer with a deep green color and mild taste.Since it is easier to extract than a normal tea, it is also suited for a cold brew iced tea.
  • If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase of Sencha, please contact us by email. Full refund.
  • Experienced tea appraisers who have won numerous awards in the tea contest select and blend tea.
  • We purchase Japanese tea leaves directly from contract farmers. I want you to drink every day so I will provide better quality at an affordable price


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