Organic Japanese Black Tea


It has a soft, fruity aroma and sweet taste like a flower. Please feel the richness of the tea leaves that have grown vigorously in the early summer sunshine.



  1. This Japanese black tea is 100% JAS organic certificated and it is naturally cultivated in a tea plantation with an abundant natural environment in Gokase Town, Miyazaki Prefecture.
  2. We purchase genuine Japanese black tea leaves directly from contract farmers. It has a warm red color and delicate flavors with less astringent. It has a floral aroma and mildly sweet taste. Perfect refreshing choice for a morning black tea or enjoy it with some afternoon desserts.
  3. Prepare Boiled water(About 90~95℃). Put the tea leaves inside the teapots (2~3g). Steam for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds and enjoy.
  4. The difference between Japanese black tea and overseas black tea is that it uses tea leaves grown in the rich climate of Japan’s four seasons. Japanese black tea is generally delicate, less astringent, and has a sweet aroma.
  5. The main ingredients contained in black tea include tannin, caffeine, and theanine. It is said that the ingredients of black tea have various effects if the proper intake is maintained. Why don’t you enjoy black tea as a partner in your daily life?


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