Sakura Sencha Green Tea


Japanese Sakura floral aromatic teas. The flavor of spring sakura spreads in your mouth. The fresh Sencha and the Sakura taste are deliciously soft, with complete transparency.



  1. Sakura and green tea are two components that symbolize the tradition of Japan as the Japanese have loved for centuries as the pride of the country. We carefully selected the Japanese Sakura and two green tea cultivars including Yabukita from Shizuoka and Asatsuyu from Kagoshima. All of these components are blended in a well-balanced ratio to create a mellow taste and a bright green color.
  2. The tea leaves are grown in a natural tea plantation with abundant sunlight. The condition of the farmland and the natural environment creates a rich and full-bodied tea flavor. The farmer also has been focusing on the cultivation method to make the tea have balanced sweetness and mellowness.
  3. The Sakura leaves are from Matsuzaki Town, Izu in Shizuoka prefecture. Izu is said to be the birthplace of Sakura in Japan. The geographical condition of Izu is very good as it is close to many natural environments including the sea and the forest. The Sakura leaves and the Sencha are well blended and create a flavorful floral green tea.
  4. A refreshing sencha green tea with the natural scent of sakura goes well with different meals and sweets. Please enjoy blissful Japanese moments with this Sakura Sencha green tea with your beloved friends and families. It is also an ideal choice of gift during the spring season. 
  5. To enjoy Sakura Sencha green tea, first, put 1 tsp of tea leaves in a teapot.  Pour 120ml-170ml of hot water (about 80℃ ). Wait for 60 – 90 seconds. Pour the tea until the last drop. You can enjoy different depths of flavors at 2nd & 3rd infusions.


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