Sakura Latte Powder


This cherry blossom latte is an easy and delicious way to enjoy cherry blossom flavors. Just mix it with hot water and you can easily drink it anytime, anywhere. The pink color is very pretty and you can easily make fluffy froth by adding hot water or milk. The sweet cherry blossom flavor makes this latte very tasty and easy to serve as a dessert drink. It can also be mixed with whipped cream or sponge cake for a slightly pink color.



  1. Sakura is one of the components that symbolize the tradition of Japan as the Japanese have loved it for centuries as the pride of the country. We carefully selected two kinds of Japanese Sakura cherry blossoms including Yaezakura and Oshimazakura. “Oshimazakura” cherry blossom is edible sakura that contains rich coumarin. Coumarin is a type of plant aromatic component found in the sakura leaves. 
  2.  Sakura Latte is blended with Japanese Sakura powder and Sakura extract to create a fresh and floral spring aroma.
  3. It has a kawaii lovely pink color and it is easy to make a fluffy foam by just pouring the hot water and stirring it well. In the spring season, Japanese people love enjoying creamy lattes with Sakura flavor. 
  4. It is powder type and you can easily enjoy this sakura latte at any time anywhere. Its refreshing sakura aroma and mellow taste spread in your mouth.
  5. Sakura Latte can be used in various ways to make different sakura sweets and confectioneries such as sakura cakes, sakura pancakes, sakura cookies, sakura frappuccino, etc. Or just simply sprinkle it on your favorite foods to turn them into delicious pink sakura-flavored dishes. It is also recommended for cocktails and your own original drinks.


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