Organic Green Tea Gyokuro Japanese Shade Grown Loose Leaf Tea


The culitivation of Gyokuro takes more time than other green tea. To block the direct sunlight, Gyokuro is cultivated by covering the tea plantation with a shade when the new sprout started to grow, 20 days before the tea picking.The production of Gyokuro is small even in Japan and the production ratio of tea processing is only 0.3% in Japan. Therefore, Gyokuro has a high rarity value and is one of the highest class teas.



  1. 【Gyokuro Green Tea】Gyokuro is known as one of the finest Japanese teas and is a highly rare tea that is grown only in limited areas of Japan. Our Gyokuro tea is grown on the tea plantation in the area of ASAHINA Mountains, where we do not rely on any pesticides or chemical fertilizers but make use of the natural blessings of the sun, water, soil, and living organisms to produce tea. The tea is friendly to the environment and our bodies.
  2. 【One of the Major Gyokuro Production Areas】ASAHINA is located in Fujieda City in Shizuoka Prefecture. As one of the three major Gyokuro production areas in Japan, Asahina Gyokuro has won numerous awards like the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Award. It has been leading the Japanese tea industry. Morning dew from the Asahina River gives the natural power to the tea leaves and makes the Gyokuro green tea with a natural sweetness.
  3. 【Single Estate Tea】It means the tea leaves are all sourced from the same tea plantation. This gyokuro is blended with two cultivars including Okumidori and Yabukita. Okumidori has a deep green color while Yabukita is a typical Japanese tea cultivar in which many kinds of green tea are used. Gyokuro has an elegant aroma and a refreshing taste with less bitterness. You can enjoy the sweetness and umami as the oishitaen cultviation is used.
  4. 【Local Small Scale Tea Garden】 The scale of our tea garden is small but all the manufacturing processes are organic certified. Each process is operated independently to have conscientious productions and make fine quality tea leaves.
  5. 【Superior Taste】 Gyokuro has been described as one of the best green teas in the world. By blocking out the sunlight, the bitter component (tannin) is suppressed and the tasty component (Amino acid) is increased, resulting in deep umami, an intense sweetness, a smooth, full-bodied taste, and also a long-lasting aftertaste.


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