Organic Genmaicha Tea Bags


By blending carefully roasted organic brown rice, a pleasant and relaxing scent spreads gently.



  1. 100% WHOLE TEA LEAF BAGS: Use 100% whole tea leaves of the autumn harvest, though the leftover tea leaves are often used for tea bags. By blending carefully roasted organic whole brown rice, when infused in boiled water(approx. 95℃), the pleasantly relaxing aroma is gently spread out in your cup.
  2. VERY CREATIVE TEA BAGS: Because richly using 100% natural & 100% organic premium whole tea leaves & whole brown rice, the flavor & aroma are purely light, smooth, and pleasant, going highly well with various kinds of seasonal herbs, fruit, flower, and milk. Individually packaged, you can make your favorite blend genmai-cha tea everywhere, depending on the day’s mood.
  3. 100% FROM SPECIFIED ORGANIC FARM: Located in Kirishima region of Kagoshima Pref., our farmer is adamant about eco-friendly cultivation, making & blending their original organic fertilizer, though most organic farmers buy it. By focusing on a farmer, you can step into the far deeper world of Japanese green tea.
  4. TEA TERROIR OF “MISTY VOLCANIC ISLAND”: Having a cool & deeply misty climate and temperature gap between day & night, Kirishima region(“Kiri” means mist and “shima” means island) is one of the finest environments for green tea cultivation in Japan. Moreover, the region is a mountain range of active volcanos with a large elevation gap. Made from multi-layered volcanic ejecta, the soil has significant drainage & filtration functions, creating nutrition-rich, pure water for distinctive green tea farming.
  5. OUR PHILOSOPHY: Being adamant about non-blended tea from only one specific farmer in a specific area(“Single Origin”). While a blended green tea of several unspecified farmers has stable quality, the originality of each farm’s philosophy & geography is hidden behind it. we would like to directly deliver a highly delicate & unique difference that is made by the land’s nature & climate. Let you step into the far deeper world of Japanese green tea.


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